Verify PayPal Without Bank Account and Credit Card in UAE

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PayPal is an online payment service to transfer funds electronically. Using this service we can purchase or sell goods and services easily. we can send money to anyone with an e-mail address just in seconds. Basic PayPal accounts are free, and many financial transactions are free as well, including all purchases from merchants that accept payments using PayPal.If you have a PayPal account, you can add and withdraw funds in many different ways. You can associate your account with bank accounts or credit cards for more direct transactions, including adding and withdrawing money. Other withdrawal options include using a PayPal debit card to make purchases or get cash from an ATM, or requesting a check in the mail.

But PayPal is allowed in some listed countries to use and verify. In this article i will show you how to verify PayPal account without bank account and credit card in UAE. You need only emirates id and prepaid MasterCard. Prepaid MasterCard is easily available in many exchanges in UAE. To get prepaid MasterCard you have to pay small fees 35 AED.

How To Get Prepaid MasterCard In UAE

UAE Exchange is a leading global remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand with a presence in 32 countries. Moreover, they associated with various leading brands and offer several value-added products and services to over 7.9 million customers around the globe.

In Middle East’s they provide first multi-currency prepaid travel card, Gocash Prepaid Master Card. It makes your travelling abroad, easy and hassle free. With the gocash card you can organise travel money and hold up to six currencies on one card and use it at all MasterCard enabled POS machines and ATMs. The gocash card is a reloadable, multi-currency card that offers an easy and secure way to access your money in a foreign country. Easy to purchase, use and reload, it provides you the flexibility and convenience to move your funds between six different currencies while travelling. Its exchange rate lock facility ensures that your money is protected against currency rate fluctuations. You can get Gocash card any UAE Exchange branch without bank account or sallery statement. Just show them your emirates id and pay 35 Dirham. Source

How To Verify PayPal Account Using Gocash MasterCard In UAE

1:- Create PayPal account using signup button, chose Personal Account and click on continue.

2:- On the next page, make sure “Your country or region” section is showing United Arab Emirates. Fill in your email address and strong password. Then click on Continue.
3:- The next fill out all information about yourself, this includes name, address, date of birth, national id, Zip Code and mobile number.

4:- The Address and Name you will use for the UAE PayPal account Must be same on Prepaid Mastercard
Date of Birth to be used should be your actual date of birth as it reflects on any of your Identity Card.

5:-  Accept privacy policy and user agreement. and  click  “Agree and Create Account” button.

6:- Fill out your Gocash Prepaid Card Details Like Name on card, Card Number, CVV and expiring date as requested by paypal. PayPal will charge your linked card around $1.00 – $1.95.

7. Verify your Email Address, PayPal will send you  activation message to the email address you signed up with. You will need to verify that you own this email address by signing into the email account, locate the new email message from PayPal. Once seen, open it and click on the verification link.
After Verification your paypal account is ready to use but make sure you have minimum 3 to 5 dollars in your Gocash Card.


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